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As a result, you can think of your web browser as a portal to the internet. No one except those with a high level of technical expertise can access the web without one and that should be reason enough to make you want to find the best one. In simple terms, a browser is a program that finds information on the internet and displays it for you on your device. It interprets codes on websites that tells it where information is and what it should look like.

One quick look at Google Chrome and it’s easy to see why this is the case. The minimalist design maximizes the viewing window, meaning you can get more content on one page than with other browsers. It should now be clear that finding the right browser is critical. So, to help you, we’ve reviewed the many different options and came up with a list of the best browsers in 2020.

Apple Safari

  • This app is also free via Google Play Pass if you use it.
  • Recent updates also added way better performance improvements.
  • There is an option to download and install themes by other people as well.
  • The app runs for $1.99 but has no additional ads or in-app purchases.
  • Calendar Widget by Home Agenda is an excellent calendar widget for your mobile phone.

The design is not nearly as elegant as with other browsers, and this leads to a slightly lower quality experience. Edge first launched as part of Windows 10 and it remained an afterthought to most, but since then, it has improved considerably. It’s one of the faster browsers out there, but it doesn’t consume too many of your computer’s resources, which is good. It’s a Google service, which means you know your activity is being tracked and logged.

Google claims this is done to provide you with better service, but many feel this is a violation of privacy, and concerns have been raised about what Google does with all this data. The biggest thing it has against it is that it consumes a lot of your device’s memory or RAM. This means that when using Chrome, especially when you have lots of tabs and windows open, the rest of your computer will likely slow down.

To find the information, it uses what you type into the URL bar, and then once found, it displays the HTML codes found on that website and converts them into familiar text, images, video, etc. In other words, the stuff we’re used to seeing on the internet all the time. Before delving into the best browsers of 2020, it’s important to know what exactly a browser is. This will help you better understand why it’s important to find the best one. To help you make the right choice, we’ve reviewed the many different browsers out there and come up with our list of the best web browsers for 2020.

MicrosoftMicrosoft Edge is dead WinRAR update, long live Microsoft Edge. The new version isn’t bundled with Windows 10 at this writing, but installing it from Microsoft’s site will automatically replace legacy Edge with the new Chromium browser on the desktop. Where Firefox has really stood out in recent years is with the browser’s incognito mode. All browsers have a private mode that lets you browse without any of your activity being logged in your saved history. But most of the time these private modes still allow websites to track your activity for that specific session.

They assume all browsers are the same, and so they stick with the one that comes default on their computer or phone, or they simply continue to use the one they’ve always used. We expect Microsoft to continue to push the Microsoft Store with extensions for Edge. These efforts are most likely in vain, however, as the Chrome Web Store is available to Edge users if they want it, and developers have little incentive to add their work to Microsoft’s store.

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