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Download the .reg file, save it to your desktop or whatever, double click it, say yes/run or whatever. Windows Defender will now say “disable by group policy” if you try to open it.

Continue reading. Here’s the other dll that is needed. Get it here https://wikidll.com/

If you enable this policy setting, Windows Defender does not run, and computers are not scanned for malware or other potentially unwanted software. There are two options that you have to disable Windows Defender permanently on a system running Windows 10. Please note that one of the methods is only available in some versions of Windows. Proof there is a fully open backdoor for Microsoft to covertly steal any data on your PC. You think that little switch on the GUI ensures MS can’t enable it through Windows Update, or through Defender’s updates?

Defender phones home to MS hundreds of times per day, it constantly scans all file access and monitors your browser history. You must be a fool to think Microsoft is not datamining your data from third party apps. I’m starting to think I have a different issue compared to yours. My Turn Off Defender policy would reset as soon as I close and reopen gpedit.msc. Whereas your policy resets after computer reboot. Ironically my DisableAntiSpyware registry key is the only thing that successfully turns off Defender (but for only ~5min). I found there is like a bug or misbehavior that can prevent Group Policy to set DisableAntiSpyware correctly and it gets reset everytime you restart though.

When you configure a policy, a key in registry Group Policy Objects is created containing the rules for Machine and User with a random identifier number that changes everytime you restart. It appears that Microsoft disabled the Registry key DisableAntiSpyware which administrators could use to disable Microsoft Windows Defender.

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On “Real-time Protection,” double-click the Monitor file and program activity on your computer policy. When you install some 3rd party antivirus programs, they may automatically turn off Microsoft Defender Antivirus. In this case you may not be able to turn on Microsoft Defender Antivirus again until the 3rd party AV program has been disabled or completely uninstalled. So those are the two ways you can remove Windows Defender Antivirus from your Windows 10 PC. While the Registry hack works most of the time, Microsoft sometimes reverses the change after an update.

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I am having repeated wifi adapter issues with the latest Windows 10 update. Disabling WD is the only thing that is working to fix the wifi connectivity, but it keeps eventually reactivating itself. I installed McAfee in the hopes that it would take over, but WD always turns itself back on. I have enabled automatic start in services for McAfee also. for some reason Windows defender thinks that few of my .exe items are viruses and removes them.

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this forces me to reinstall these programs and it repeats all over again. And Martin, you had no idea how hard I tried to disable WD in Insider Program – that real-time protection setting was in last builds disabled and GPE didn’t bother to take my custom settings into action. To restore the functionality of the app, set the policy state to disabled or not configured.

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► If this doesn’t work, then you’ll need to install gpedit.msc in your windows files, and then run the .reg again. ► If you have windows 10 home like me, then gpedit isn’t there. We can fix that pretty easily with a reg file that does all the work for you.

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