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The present study uses a multitrait-multimethod approach to test the self-other agreement of the four HSQ scales with 202 targets and two knowledgeable informants per target. Employing a multilevel multiple-indicator correlated trait-correlated (method-1) (ML-CT-C[M-1]) model informed on the construct validity of the HSQ. Discriminant validities were sufficient for all scales.

Taken together, the present findings suggest that the self-defeating scale does not measure the maladaptive humor style it is supposed to measure. The paper aims to clarify that a happy approach may help in managing own emotions alongside motivating, facilitating and understanding other’s emotion among students. The data collection instrument was self-reported Wong and Law Emotional Intelligence Scale and Multi-dimension Sense of Humour Scale to measure emotional intelligence and sense humour respectively. A correlation and regression analysis and "descriptive statistics" were implemented to examine the variables of the study. The findings of the study suggests that having a decent idea of humour is correlated to "emotional intelligence".

Although it would be insensitive for some training topics, there are many of opportunities where humor would be appropriate. In this article, I review the research evidence both in favor of using humor for instructional purposes and in ways that it is not helpful. During stimulation, participants dynamically rated a series of six stand-up comedy videos for perceived humor. We measured event-related (time-locked to crowd laughter) modulation of humor ratings as a function of stimulation condition.

Convergent validity was supported for three of the four HSQ scales, except for the self-defeating scale. Similarly, the overlaps of the self- and other-reported HSQ scales with maladaptive personality as external criteria converged for all HSQ scales except for the self-defeating scale.

Alternative, competing or complementing, reasons include low cost control of project, high complexity of development work, and more delivered functionality than originally estimated. A framework for improved use and interpretation of estimation error measurement is included in. It is important to be aware of the limitations of each traditional approach to measuring software development productivity. Most of the research has focused on the construction of formal software effort estimation models. The early models were typically based on regression analysis or mathematically derived from theories from other domains.

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He observes the things that software developers and their colleagues do, skewers those practices with humor, and then says how it really ought to be done. Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes I didn’t, but I like his writing well enough that it seemed worth buying a copy of the book. A high estimation error cannot automatically be interpreted as an indicator of low estimation ability.

  • Yet, over-experienced engineers seem to spend a lot of time learning new frameworks and languages or at the very least, reading up on new design principles.
  • We’re pretty sure we would already have flying cars and robots that are smarter than us right now if it wasn’t for over-experienced engineers.
  • With their constant need for code-refactoring, design documents and learning they keep major software advancements from moving forward.
  • Instead, we’re stuck with 280-character Tweets and Amazon ads that keep trying to sell me the same toilet seat cover I bought last week.

In any case, a lot of it is not really out of date or style – the software project management aspects in particular. He also drinks the Microsoft kool-aid, so prepare to hear a lot about .NET and Excel. If Jerry Seinfeld had decided to become a software professional, he might have written something like this.

Also the two dimensions of sense of humour; humour creation and performance Related site. Installation process: Download Steam from here and double click on it. Press the «Yes» button and at last press the «Finish». That’s all and social uses of humour are positively linked to dimensions of emotional intelligence. The results of chosen research approach may lack generalisability. A small sample of students from three different universities scarcely allows for true representation of whole population. Therefore, researchers are encouraged to use large number of sample to test the proposed propositions further.

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The findings of the study can be helpful to researchers, practitioners and policy makers in better understanding of the role of humour and emotional intelligence among university students. This paper satisfies a recognised need to study the role of humour in emotional intelligence. Hyperbolic and hilarious, Joel tears apart the tropes and renders his own creed for programming, managing, and successfully making things with other people on computers. Reading it in 2018, 14 years after it was first published, it’s still valuable as it was back then, as most of the lessons still apply . There’s a lot to learn from these lessons and Joel provides lots of interesting links and book references, making it a must read for young software engineers and a great read for others.

We discuss the possibility that upregulation of neural circuits involved in the theory of mind and empathizing with others may reduce appreciation of aggressive humor. Humor research has intensified in psychology over the last two decades, with the Humor Styles Questionnaire being the most prevalent measure. Still, the construct validity of its four scales (affiliative, self-enhancing, aggressive, and self-defeating) has not received unequivocal support.

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